新商品のデスクトップうちわsolano、ベストギア、モノマガジンに掲載されました~!どちらもこの夏を乗り切るビジネスアイテムとして、誌面を涼やかに彩っております。世のビジネスマンたちが夏をクールに乗り切ることが、いかに大事か、勉強になりました!! solanoは大丸東京店9Fで販売中です^^
You can see our latest product, self-standing fan ‘solano’, in the current editions of  ‘best gear’ and ‘mono’. Both of magazines introduced the product as one of coolest business items to survive this hot summer. I learned from the magazines how important the business people go through summer with style.
‘solano’ is also available at 9th floor Daimaru department in Tokyo.
Today’s item: solano
About solano;
‘solano’ is a self-standing fan. The colourful fan stands itself and swings gently back and forth. When you hold it, you fan yourself with it. It cools off on a hot summer day, I bet. ‘solano’ goes on the market this summer.