Ambiente からの写真です。 その2

環境にも配慮したリサイクル性の高い材質であるアルミニウムを職人が鏡面まで磨き上げたツボ押し(マッサージャー)、Collinette コリネットです。
Collinette in Europe for the first time!
The material of this acupressure massager is aluminium that is eco-friendly because of its high recyclability. Our craftsmen polishes the product to a mirror gloss.
Today’s item: collinette
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About collinette;
collinette is a beautiful massager that you always want to keep close to you. This visually stimulating product describes glossy aluminium beauty as well as stimulates acupuncture points effectively. Cleverly curved to reach all the right spots. Once you try, you would be automatically addicted. The super smooth finish feels great against your skin, and aluminium will adjust to your body temperature quickly and can easily be warmed up or cooled down in water. It is easy to clean. As it is small enough to fit in your palm, you can carry around with you whenever and wherever you go.