NHK 「まちかど情報室」でコリネットが紹介されました。

Good morning, did you watch NHK’s ‘machikado joho shitsu’ this morning? Thank you.

As the programme showed, our portable massager ‘collinette’ is popular at office. The reason is it looks totally different from usual massagers. Our collinette, made of aluminium, has shiny appearance. If you put it on your desk, none would notice it is a massager. This elegant massager offers a luxurious feel and weight that will soothe your stiff shoulders, arms and foot. Each ergonomic curve conforms to your body’s contours.

How about taking a break and massaging your shoulders and arms during work?

Our factory-direct online shop is waiting for you order, and the quantity is limited. So hurry!

Today’s item: collinette